Townview Motel In Mount Isa

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To Experience the Reason of Why visiting Mount Isa At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Standard Queen Room

Mount Isa the oasis of the outback, the name has a strange origin, John Campbell Miles named the outcrop from where he took rock samples. Mount Isa saying that he did so in memory of the Mount Ida mine, about 20 km North west of Kalgoorlie NW Australia. Though why he substituted Isa for Ida was never convincingly explained.

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Why Choose Townview Motel For Best Accommodation In Mount Isa

Maybe but you wouldn't want to take a chance to spend a much needed relaxing night after a hard days dusty travel at the Outback and spend your money at a run down hotel which looks better on the advertising brochure than when you visit it.

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Why Abyssinian Cafe is famous and Best restaurant in mount isa

The Abyssinian cafe is famous throughout Queensland's North West and that is saying something, known for its Ethiopian cuisine, curries, crisp naan breads and saffron rice and of course good old Australian home made cooking supplemented with a varied range of international dishes.

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7 Must Visit Places in Mount Isa

Mount Isa, tenderly known as the 'oasis of the outback', is a gleaming mirage on the horizon for travellers worldwide. Snuggled among the ochre-red Selwyn Ranges, on the banks of the Leichhardt River, Mount Isa is a lively melting pot of culture and industry and also home to the world's third largest rodeo.

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